Table Tennis Rules – Understanding the Basics of Table Tennis

Table Tennis Rules

Table Tennis Rules

If you’re a keen table tennis player then it’s necessary that you just initial perceive the rules and the way to properly play the game. Generally, most of the people notice the table tennis rules quite simple to understand as they’re kind of like different closely related racket sports.

Here are five Basic Table Tennis Rules:

Table Tennis Rules

1. No Hands on The Table:

One of the primary rules you would like to understand once taking part in is that you just ought to ne’er touch the table along with your hands. Doing this leads to the loss of some extent. a typical habit that beginners will get into is using their hands to propel them up from the table so they will hit the upper bouncing balls. this is often not allowed and during a correct game would end in the immediate deduction of one point.

2. Once Serving, The Ball should be Thrown 15mm:

A good habit to get into after you initial begin taking part in table tennis is a correct ball toss. What this implies is once you serve the ball should be thrown a minimum of 15mm into the air from the flat palm of your hand before being hit. you’re conjointly not allowed to throw the ball in any method that adds spin to that and it should be thrown vertically 15mm.

3. If the Ball hits the net on Service, Then The Player will Serve Again:

Commonly once you serve in table tennis there’ll come a time where you hit the ball on the highest of the net than watch as it falls over onto the opposite facet. {this is|this is often|this will be} referred to as a “net” and therefore the serve┬ácan then be replayed. there’s no limit to how many “nets” a player will have on 1st serve. If a player serves the ball and it hits the net and doesn’t land on the opponent’s facet of the table, then the server loses the point.

Remember, in contrast to tennis wherever you’ve got two service opportunities. In table tennis you merely have one likelihood to serve the ball over the net.

4. The Ball should be held in a Flat Palm Higher than the Table:

When getting ready for serve you ought to make sure. That you hold the ball flat within the palm of your hand higher than the table. This ensures your opponent and therefore the umpire will clearly see the ball and wherever it’s being a command.

5. Rubber Colors:

If you consider a table tennis bat you may notice that one facet is commonly black. Whereas the opposite face is red. the rules state that one facet should be red whereas the opposite black. This is often to confirm the opposing player is aware of what to expect once they serve with either the black or red rubber and prevents confusion.

Bottom Line:

That concludes the five basic rules of table tennis. By following these rules you’ll be able to have a decent basic understanding of how to play the game.

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